Christmas 2021 Emergency Dental Cover at Moreton Dental

Christmas 2021 Emergency Dental Cover at Moreton Dental

Christmas 2021 Emergency Dental Cover at Moreton Dental


Dear Patients,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support and understanding, this year in particular, as we faced such difficult challenges from Covid and Brexit and did our very best to ‘keep the show on the road’. It wasn’t easy that’s for sure, but let’s hope we can all truly enjoy Christmas and have hope for the New Year.

I thought I would also take this moment to explain our emergency cover for Monday 27th December through to Thursday 30th December 2021. We are officially shut on Christmas eve, reopening Tuesday 4th January. This is to give my staff the well earnt break they all deserve and to spend some quality time with their friends and family. They have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic and have made me very proud but they need a break.

I myself will be providing EMERGENCY ONLY cover for Monday 27th December to Thursday 30th December. There will be a flat rate call out fee of £250 which may sound high but sadly emergency cover means severe disruption to my family time but I am willing to do so if someone does truly have toothache as there really isn’t much worse to bear.

Please be aware an ‘emergency’ constitutes severe pain or swelling that cannot be resolved with painkillers and requires immediate extraction. Emergencies are not chipped teeth, lost fillings which are slightly uncomfortable or a problematic tooth which we have been telling you about for years and all of a sudden you decide Christmas week is the week you want someone to look at it for you. Yes, you know who you are! The laboratories are closed so lost crowns, veneers or bridges also have to wait because there’s no one to make them.

The protocol for emergency cover is to still ring the practice but the phone will divert to the emergency mobile. Please do not be offended that we ask for payment up front due to a number of times where I have agreed to meet a patient out of hours at the practice and then they do not turn up. Sadly, the minority can ruin it for the majority.

Emails and Facebook will not be manned over this period so please don’t use these forms of correspondence, only the phone line will get a response.

We are here for the rest of the week so please feel free to contact us in the meantime if you have any concerns as we would certainly be happier to see you this week than wait until next week and it will be considerably cheaper for yourselves as well!

Many thanks again for everyone’s ‘Community’ spirit this year, I know it’s been a bit grim at times but I’m sure it can only get better. I truly wish you all have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year,

Best wishes,

Caroline and all of the Moreton Dental Team x


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