How Covid-19 Has Helped Me Reset

How Covid-19 Has Helped Me Reset

How Covid-19 Has Helped Me Reset

To my dear patients and friends,

I must start with I just hope you are all well and looking after each other. I do not feel there is any point in saying what unprecedented times we find ourselves in because I think we’ve heard that for the past month but I think we will all agree we’ve never had an April like this one before.

I write because I find it can sometimes be easy in times of uncertainty to fall into a negative mindset and I felt I actually wanted to share some positivity. Yes, the unknown can be a scary place, but it can also give us the freedom to explore alternatives that we may not have even noticed when we were in our daily routines. When myself and my family were stuck in New Zealand during the initial lockdown, I learnt a great deal about one’s resilience but also about how much we take the simplest things for granted. This certainly isn’t a poor me in anyway whatsoever (in fact it was a total wakeup call that I needed!) but having no running water, no electricity and no heating soon put into prospective how lucky we are just having those 3 simple things.

I feel the News wants to feed us with negativity but I want to say no, let’s look at what we have and start to really appreciate it. I will be different after this, I think we all will be, but let’s make it a positive difference. The time I have had with my family has been invaluable and liberating. I realise I work all hours of the day to provide a lifestyle for them but at what cost? I absolutely love my profession; I am incredibly honoured every day to be able to help people with not only their teeth but also their overall health but there has to be a balance. I want to make changes that enables me to appreciate the moment I am in instead of thinking about the other 10 things I have yet to do.

So, I’m sure you are now starting to think so what is Caroline’s point here? What is her message? Well for once I don’t have a message for whoever is reading this it’s really for myself. It is a reminder that when I want to fall back into bad habits, when I want to just do one more thing before I go, or when I get home shattered and find it hard to pick my little girl up because I just don’t have anything left in the tank, I’m going to read this and say no, it doesn’t have to be like this. I will find ways to improve my work life balance that benefits everyone and I will grab my little Indie poppers and give her the biggest hug and kiss and I will remind myself that to just simply have your health and your family’s health actually makes you the richest person in the world.

Take care and lots of love,

Caroline x

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