AirFlow Tooth Polishing in Gloucestershire

What is AirFlow tooth polishing?

  • It is the latest technology for plaque removal. Plaque contains millions of bacteria, if left on your teeth and around the gum line, it can cause gum disease and decay. The airflow works by mixing water and a special powder together with compressed air to remove the plaque. It is painless and gentle on your gums and teeth.
  • The airflow is used in the treatment of gum disease. The tip is positioned at the base of the pocket to blast away the bacteria down below the gum where floss and interdental brushes won’t reach, therefore reducing the cause of gum disease. (With daily interdental cleaning at home, of course).
  • We can use the airflow to remove the bacteria in the deep pits on the biting surfaces of your teeth, helping to prevent decay.
  • It is more effective than regular polishing as it can be used below the gum line and is much more effective in removing the plaque, especially between crowded teeth.

What Does Air Flow Polishing do?

Tell me more about Airflow tooth polishing.

  • It is extremely effective for stain removal, restoring your teeth back to their original colour. Corsodyl and other mouthwashes can stain your teeth. Also smoking, spicy foods, tea, coffee, red wine.
  • It is brilliant for cleaning around orthodontic brackets & braces. It is very difficult to keep braces clean. The airflow blasts away any bacteria that is stuck to the metal brackets. Plaque left around the brackets can cause decalcification of your enamel and can leave unsightly marks on your teeth after the brackets have been removed.
  • Also amazing for denture cleaning. Dentures attract plaque and get stained too!
  • Do you have dental implants? The airflow is highly recommended by periodontists, (gum disease specialists) and implantologists, (implant specialists). Implants are permanent false teeth. They are very prone to bacterial infection as they are not natural and are difficult to clean. The airflow can clean above and below the gum to help maintain the health of an implant and keep it free from disease.

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