Dental Hygiene in Gloucestershire

Seeing a dental hygienist for preventive dental care and treatment is an essential part of keeping your gum and dental health in peak condition.

We encourage all our patients to seek dental hygiene and gum care with our dental hygienist who will work closely with Caroline to deliver a personalised preventive plan just for you.

Our dental hygienist will:

  • assess gum health and the presence of gum disease
  • design a personalised plan of prevention
  • give tooth brushing instruction
  • help find the correct method of interdental cleansing for you
  • treat gum disease
  • clean and polish teeth
  • offer Airflow Teeth Polishing
  • carry out an oral cancer screen
  • deliver preventive treatments such as fluoride application and fissure sealants
  • discuss dietary issues where there are problems with recurrent tooth decay
  • offer smoking cessation advice

What To Expect at Your Appointment

All our patients are encouraged to book appointments with our dental hygienist once they have seen Caroline for their oral health checks. However, you can still see our dental hygienist without seeing a dentist.

That is because we offer Direct Access Dental Hygiene appointments at Moreton-in-Marsh Dental. All you have to do is ring the practice and ask for an appointment.

Your dental hygienist will then assess your gums and discuss your treatment options with you, whether that is treatment of gum disease or you would just like whiter, cleaner teeth.

We are now able to offer Airflow Tooth Polishing now which is proving very popular to achieve an instant improvement in colour and brightness, particularly if you have that important event coming up.

Why not call the practice to book an appointment or make an enquiry through the enquiry form at the end of this page?

Register With Us

Registration is simple

If you would like to enquire about becoming a patient at Moreton-in-Marsh Dental or indeed register with our practice, you have several choices.

  • Complete the enquiry box to the right with your contact details and we can get in touch
  • Email Caroline and her team at
  • Telephone the practice on 01608 650969
  • Contact Caroline via the practice Facebook page Facebook Moreton Dental
  • Visit in person and book an appointment with our receptionist

We look forward to receiving your enquiry and you joining us on a journey to better patient care and better dental health.

We welcome impromptu visits, whether to enquire as to patient registration or just to have a look around and see the changes. We are delighted with the transformation and feel sure you will feel the same, so in you are looking for a Gloucestershire Dentist please do pop by and say hello!

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