Teeth Whitening in the Cotswolds

Over time and with drinking tea, coffee, wine or certain foods, teeth can become discoloured. A visit to the hygienist can brighten teeth but not always improve the colour.

Tooth whitening can help improve the colour of your teeth more permanently.

Here at Moreton-in-Marsh Dental in Gloucestershire, we use a home tray tooth whitening system called Boutique Whitening. This uses Hydrogen Peroxide applied in custom made trays to your teeth over a period of 5-10 days for a few hours a day or overnight.

This system gives a safe, reliable and predictable result with minimal sensitivity and has been proven to be just as effective, if not more so, than more expensive “in surgery” teeth whitening systems.

It is quite usual to use a whitening treatment as part of a larger course of cosmetic treatment. Caroline will spend time to analyse your treatment requirements and offer you different alternatives to suit.

Boutique Teeth Whitening in Gloucestershire

Professional, safe tooth whitening

Boutique teeth whitening system is Caroline’s preferred supplier of hydrogen peroxide gels. They have a good quality and brighten to just the right level of whiteness.

Your whitening treatment starts with a full assessment to ensure you have no leaking fillings or decay, as these can cause problems if undetected once whitening commences.

Once decided on a whitening treatment, Caroline will take impressions of your mouth or “moulds” from which are constructed custom made trays to fit your teeth. We will then show you how to apply the whitening gel safely and explain fully what to expect.

An initial treatment usually takes around ten days but most will see a change in as little as a couple of days.

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