Looking After Your Braces

Looking After Your Braces

Braces on your teeth make it very difficult to clean the plaque off your teeth.

Plaque contains a lot of bacteria and if left around your braces, teeth and gums, it can cause white spots and decay on your teeth as well as bleeding gums. So, keeping your braces clean is essential!

Regular hygiene visits with to our hygienist Claire, will help you maintain good oral health during your orthodontic treatment. This is recommended every 3 months.

During your appointment, Claire will colour the bacteria with disclosing liquid, so you can see where you might be missing with your toothbrush. This will also allow her to clean your teeth immaculately using the airflow.

The airflow efficiently and safely removes plaque with maximum comfort. It doesn’t damage the appliance, wires, bonded attachments or soft tissues in any way. It also removes the debris on the brackets and wires. After a thorough cleaning, Claire will apply Fluoride to your teeth to help keep the enamel strong.

Claire will also show you how to keep your braces in good condition by using an electric toothbrush and interdental brushes in-between the brackets. She will also give you advice on diet to help prevent decay.

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