We Have Some Great News to Share

We Have Some Great News to Share

We Have Some Great News to Share

Dear patients and friends,

I feel I haven’t written for ages and now I can’t seem to be able to stop! But I’m not fibbing, I do honestly have some fabulous news in what has been a bit of gloom and doom lately.

Firstly, we want to say a huge congratulations to our receptionist Laura and her husband on the addition to their family with their beautiful boy, Elwood. In such difficult times we were all incredibly relieved and pleased that they could all be safe and together at such a special time and we can’t wait to get cuddles when we are all back to normality, if we ever remember what that was! There’s just nothing that beats the smell of a newborn baby so from everyone at Moreton welcome to the world Woody, even if it is a little bit crazy at the moment!

Which leads onto more baby news! We are having somewhat of a baby boom here at Moreton Dental with three more of us pregnant and due this year. We have Grace, our head nurse and Hannah, our other dentist both due at the end of the summer. Both of them have done fantastically so far although I did have a couple of patients that were slightly confused by Grace’s swift exit from the room on a number of occasions but everyone was so understanding, even the the lovely patient in his immaculate 3 piece pin stripe suit who had a very near miss! I’ve never seen a man quite so resigned to being vomited over but thankfully Grace did make it to the WC just in time!

So with Grace leaving for maternity in July we have a new nurse starting Natalie, who should have started before we went into lockdown but obviously this had to be delayed slightly but we’re all really looking forward to welcoming her on board once restrictions are lifted. She will be introducing herself soon and will be mainly working with myself under Grace’s wing. Hannah will obviously also temporarily be leaving us for a couple of months and we have Matthew joining us to cover both Hannah’s patients during her maternity but is also joining us part-time with the view of full time in the long term. Matthew has a wealth of experience in private practice and again will be introducing himself soon. Matthew was planning to join us in mid May so this may have to be put back slightly but we will still hopefully have plenty of time for a smooth transition. Again, Matthew will be introducing himself soon, so you can all put a face to the name.

And finally the fourth baby of the year will be little Indie’s brother or sister! I am due November but due to slight disruptions with scans etc this has yet to be fully confirmed. I feel one of my patients definitely jinxed me just before I left for New Zealand by saying ‘you’ll be next!’ so I will be having words with him haha, but no obviously Craig and myself are over the moon and can’t wait to have another bundle of mischief added to the already slightly disorganised chaos. Also, I haven’t been able to tell any of my staff as I obviously haven’t been able to see any of them so I’m looking forward to this being as big a surprise for them when they read it as yourselves!

So I hope this brings you all a little light relief from what can be slightly depressing news at the moment and before you all say it, yes there obviously is something in the water as we will be needing a crèche instead of the fourth surgery if we carry on at this rate! All joking aside though, I’m over the moon for everyone and cannot wait to welcome all these babies, it is going to be a very memorable year in so many more ways than one!

Lots of love and keep staying positive, we will get there!

Best wishes Caroline.

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