Lee’s Dental Implant Story

Lee’s Dental Implant Story

Lee’s Dental Implant Story


Losing a tooth is always a disappointing occasion and Lee’s story is no different.

Unfortunately he had a tooth that wasn’t saveable and we decided it was best it went before it caused infection. We discussed Lee’s options to fill the gap and elected that a dental implant would be the best way to proceed once his jawbone had healed.

6 months later Lee returned to have the surgery to place the implant. The procedure takes about an hour and we kept Lee informed every step of the way.


We asked Lee how he found the whole experience.

  • How did you feel during the surgery?

I was a little apprehensive to begin with but I had complete trust in Caroline and her team and as soon as we got started I genuinely could have fallen asleep through the procedure.

  • What made you chose Moreton in Marsh Dental?

I trusted Caroline and she always explains things really well. Moreton in Marsh also has great transport links with London where I work in the week. I always feel as I walk in I’m getting luxury service but at great value prices.

  • How did it feel the day after surgery?

I thought I’d need time to recover but it was virtually pain free and I was back to work the following day. It almost felt like the procedure hadn’t happened!


A Nobel Biocare implant was the ideal treatment for Lee. By restoring the gap we prevented his teeth moving either side and also from above. This will help long term in preventing unnatural forces being placed on his adjacent teeth. Replacing the gap also had an aesthetic importance to Lee, due to the stigma associated with a missing tooth.

We would like to thank Lee for sharing his story with us so far. Look out for our next blog that catches up with Lee after treatment is complete.

If you would like to find out more about Dental Implants and how they could help you come and have a chat with Caroline at Moreton in Marsh Dental.