March 2021 Team Update

March 2021 Team Update

March 2021 Team Update

So it has been a year, and probably the most bizarre year of our lives for the majority of us but now more than ever we can see light at the end of the tunnel.

It has been so hard for so many. We have been here for our community throughout the whole pandemic sometimes more councillors than dentists but we hope we made a difference to each and everyone of you and even to those we haven’t seen, we hope the knowledge of knowing we are there has been a welcomed reassurance.

I think it is also a great time to say how amazing the vaccine roll out has been so far. I have heard nothing less than pure rejoicing about the brilliance of the vaccination programme at the North Cotswold Hospital and everyone has really pulled out all the stops to do their part to help get the country back on its feet.

In regards to our own team, we can welcome Ruta back full time next week having juggled home schooling for the past two months. We take our hats off to all of the parents out there, you all did such a fantastic job. We could see on your faces how tough it was at times but you made it and you should be proud of yourselves.

Our own babies are growing too fast though. Tiggy will be four months old in a couple of weeks and Indie is already two! I can honestly say I have no idea where the time has gone. Tiggy brings us such joy and her giggle is wonderful when her big sister does something that highly entertains her. She is a lovely reminder that although 2020 brought such heartache for so many there are still wonderful things that came out of it and can keep us positive.

I hope the next time I write we will have sunshine, a haircut and finally be able to reunite with family and friends and just catch up on lost time. Until then lets keep going, we’re doing a brilliant job and keep that light at the end of the tunnel.

Best wishes,

Caroline x

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