Planning Your Smile (Part 1)

Planning Your Smile (Part 1)

Planning Your Smile (Part 1)

As I am coming to the end of my own orthodontic treatment, and I am thrilled with the results, I thought it would be nice to write a blog to let patients know more about orthodontic treatment that we can offer at Moreton-in-Marsh dental.


My Personal Experience

When I was 12, I had a metal brace that was fixed on to my teeth for about 9 months. At this age I did not realise the importance of wearing the removeable retainer that I was given after treatment, and less than 2 years later I noticed that my teeth had already started to move. As a Dentist, I was always happy with my teeth as the most important thing to me was that they were healthy. However, I then noticed that I was avoiding photographs at certain angles, and deep down wanted them to appear straighter.


Helping my Patients

Because of how conscious I had become of my own teeth, in 2017 I went on a course for general dentists; so that I could learn about the options to help my own patients. I learnt how to use two different types of removeable braces in order to address crowded/ crooked front six teeth (upper and lower), and also learnt how to secure this after treatment so that the teeth do not move back.

The Inman Aligner

This is a removeable appliance that gently applies pressures on the outside and inside parts of the teeth.


ClearSmile Aligners

A series of clear removable trays that covers all surfaces of the teeth (similar to a clear retainer).

Benefits of both the Inman Aligner and Clear Smile Aligners

  • Aligns crowded teeth therefore makes them easier to clean.
  • Can gently move teeth within 16 weeks avoiding lengthy treatments.
  • Appliances are removeable therefore can be taken out for an important function if required (although the appliance should be worn for 20 hours +).
  • They create a more pleasing appearance therefore this helps boost your confidence.
  • The teeth are less crowded therefore it is less likely for staining to accumulate.


Moreton-in-Marsh Case Study

inman aligner cotswolds before

Photograph showing in standing tooth and staining accumulation in this area before treatment.


Pt had a fixed brace when they were about 13 years old, but despite using a removable retainer every night, the lower teeth moved within the following year.

The patient was particularly concerned about the tooth that had become set back from the others, and this was staining easily as it was harder to clean.




inman aligner cotswolds gloucestershire

Photo showing the in standing tooth before treatment.


This image shows the position of the teeth before any treatment.

This patient chose the Inman Aligner as it was easier for them to attend Moreton-in-Marsh Dental than an orthodontist.




inman aligner cotswolds results

Photo after Inman Aligner Treatment showing the aligned teeth and the permanent fixed retainer in place.


This was the final result of using the Inman Aligner. The photo shows the fixed retainer attached to the back of the teeth. The clear removable retainer sits over the top of this and is worn at night.






My Orthodontic Treatment

clear smile cotswolds

My teeth before treatment in 2017

clear smile gloucestershire

My teeth mid-treatment 2018

clear smile teeth straightening results

My lower teeth with the fixed retainer in place 2019

Because my teeth were extremely crowded In August 2017 I spoke to a specialist orthodontist and decided to go ahead with tooth coloured braces (that were fixed to the outside of my upper and lower teeth). Under their advice, I had teeth removed to make room for them to straighten. Because of how crowded my teeth were, my orthodontist advised that these fixed braces needed to be worn for 2 years (with appointments every 6 weeks for adjustments). I chose tooth coloured braces so that they blend in with my teeth more- and some people haven’t noticed!

My orthodontic treatment has nearly finished. My lower brace has been removed and just like the case study above- I have a permanent wire fixed to the back of my teeth (also known as a fixed retainer). For added security I also have a clear retainer which fits over the top of this at night.

It feels amazing to have the teeth straight, I have found them much easier to clean and food doesn’t get caught between the teeth as much. I have also noticed that through treatment I have got my confidence back in photographs, and in hindsight I never realised just how much it affected the way I sat and positioned when having my photo taken.


Retaining the new smile

This is critical (and I feel the most important aspect of any orthodontic treatment) because it ensures long lasting results. This is because all teeth will move over time. I do not want my patients to have that same disappointment that I had after my first orthodontic treatment when I was a teenager but I didn’t wear my removeable retainer.



If this is something that you are interested in, I am happy to see any patient for a consultation to make an initial assessment. I am a general dental practitioner with additional training, and if I feel that the Inman Aligner or Clear Smile Aligners is not appropriate for you, then I can provide you with your options such as referral to an orthodontist (who is a specialist in aligning teeth).


Find out more….

I hope that you have enjoyed this blog. I hope to post a shorter blog with my final upper and lower results later on in the year.

If you would like to find out more about having your teeth straightened at Moreton-in-Marsh Dental- Please call or email Laura on reception to arrange your consultation with Hannah.


hannah hopkins associate dentist in gloucestershire


This blog was written by our Associate Dentist Dr Hannah Hopkins who has a special interest in adult braces having had the treatment herself.